How to Easily Answer Calls with a Single Tap on your Samsung Galaxy S24

Answering phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone is easier than ever, thanks to the new single-tap feature. With just a single tap on the screen, you can quickly answer incoming calls without fumbling for tiny on-screen buttons. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to enable and use the convenient single-tap feature for answering calls on your Galaxy S24.

aswer calls with single tap

Understanding the single tap feature for answering calls

The single-tap feature allows you to answer calls by simply tapping the call accept icon once a call comes in. This prevents you from having to precisely hit the small green accept call button and makes answering calls quicker and more effortless.

Samsung introduced this handy feature starting with the Galaxy S24 model to improve the user experience for answering calls. It saves you time and trouble, especially when you need to hurriedly accept an important call.

Steps to enabling the single tap feature on Samsung S24

Enabling the single-tap feature on your Galaxy S24 is easy and takes less than a minute to complete. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Settings on your Galaxy S24.
  • Tap on Accessbility.
  • Select Interaction and dexterity.

accessbility menu

  • Tap on Assistant menu. Toggle this setting on. A permission pop-up will appear, you can simply select Allow.
  • Toggle on Replace swipe with single tap.

replace swipe with single tap

That’s it! Now you can answer any incoming call with a single tap on the Call Accept icon.

Benefits of using the single-tap feature

There are several advantages to using the convenient single-tap method for answering calls on your Galaxy S24:

  • It saves time because you don’t have to search for the accept button when a call comes in.
  • More convenient: no need for precise taps on a small on-screen button.
  • Reduces fumbling: a single tap prevents scrambling to accept important calls.
  • Accessible: makes answering calls easier for those with disabilities or impaired motor skills.
  • Intuitive design—single tap—aligns with how we use our smartphones in other areas.

Troubleshooting common issues

While the single-tap feature usually works flawlessly, here are some potential issues and fixes:

Single tap not working:

  • Ensure the feature is enabled in your settings by following the instructions above.
  • Restart your Galaxy S24 and try again.
  • Check for any software updates and install them if available.

Accidentally answering calls:

Increase your double tap speed or use a bumper case to avoid accidental taps.

  • Adjust the touch sensitivity in your display settings.

Want to disable single-tapping?

  • Simply toggle off the feature in your settings to revert back to using the standard accept button.

Exploring other convenient features on the Samsung Galaxy S24

In addition to single-tap calls, the Galaxy S24 has many other convenient features, including:

  • Bixby Assistant can be launched by voice or by pressing the Bixby button. You can ask it questions, have it automate tasks, set reminders, and more.
  • Edge panels provide quick access to apps, tasks, news, and other information with a swipe from the edge of the screen.
  • One-handed mode makes the screen more reachable when using the device with one hand.
  • Take some time to explore all of the handy features of the Galaxy S24 to further optimize your user experience.

Tips for maximizing the convenience of the Samsung Galaxy S24

Here are some useful tips for getting the most convenience from your Galaxy S24:

  • Customize your home screen with your most-used apps so they are easily accessible.
  • Set up an intelligent scan to conveniently unlock your phone using facial recognition.
  • Configure Bixby Routines to automate common phone functions based on your usage patterns.
  • Pin your important contacts for quick access from the phone dialer.
  • Use multi-window and pop-up views to multitask like a pro.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The single-tap feature for answering calls makes the Samsung Galaxy S24 an even more convenient phone by streamlining a common daily task. With just a single tap anywhere on the screen, you can accept incoming calls efficiently.

Combined with its other ease-of-use features and customizations, the Galaxy S24 offers an exceptionally intuitive user experience. Try out the single tap for calls and explore more features to get the most out of your Galaxy S24 smartphone.

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