Complete Guide to Set Up Voice to Text on your Samsung Galaxy S24

Voice-to-text is a feature that is particularly useful on the Samsung Galaxy S24, allowing users to convert their spoken words into text with remarkable accuracy. Voice to text makes it easy to compose messages, notes, reminders, and more. With proper setup and practice, voice to text can understand your speech accurately. Learn set up voice to text on your Samsung Galaxy S24 below.

set up voice to text on samsung galaxy s24

Benefits of using Voice to Text on the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 offers a seamless voice-to-text experience, providing several benefits to its users.

Firstly, it allows for quick and efficient communication, enabling you to send messages and emails without having to type. This can be especially handy when you’re on the go or when you have your hands full.

Additionally, voice-to-text technology can improve accessibility for individuals with dexterity challenges or those who prefer verbal communication.

Steps to set up Voice to Text on your Samsung Galaxy S24

To set up voice-to-text on your Samsung Galaxy S24, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” app on your device.
  • Scroll down and tap on “General Management,” then select “Samsung Keyboard settings.”

samsung keyboard setting

  • Tap on “Voice input“.
  • Choose “Samsung voice input” option to activate the voice-to-text feature.

samsung voice input

By following these steps, you can seamlessly enable voice-to-text on your Samsung Galaxy S24 and begin enjoying its benefits.

Using Voice to Text in email or messaging

Once you’ve completed the setup and configuration, you can seamlessly use voice to text in various messaging apps on your Samsung Galaxy S24.

Whether you’re composing a text message, drafting an email, or entering text in a messaging app, simply tap the voice input icon on the keyboard and begin speaking.

voice to text

The device will transcribe your words into text in real time, allowing for efficient and accurate communication.

Voice-to-Text tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S24 users

To make the most of the voice to text feature on your Samsung Galaxy S24, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Speak Clearly and Concisely: Enunciate your words clearly and avoid speaking too quickly for the best transcription results.
  • Use Punctuation Commands: You can say “period,” “comma,” or “question mark” to insert punctuation while dictating text.
  • Edit with Voice Commands: After transcribing, you can use voice commands to edit the text, such as “delete,” “insert,” or “replace.”
  • Practice and Familiarize: Spend some time practicing and familiarizing yourself with the voice-to-text feature to become more proficient in its use.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your voice-to-text workflow, you can enhance your overall experience and productivity on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Troubleshooting common issues

While voice-to-text on the Samsung Galaxy S24 is generally reliable, you may encounter occasional issues. Some common troubleshooting steps include:

  • Check Microphone Access: Ensure that the messaging app has permission to access the device’s microphone for voice input.
  • Verify Connectivity: If using voice to text over a network, ensure that you have a stable internet connection for accurate transcription.
  • Update Software: Keeping your device’s software up-to-date can address potential compatibility issues with the voice-to-text feature.
  • Mic not showing up on keyboard: Try to turn on the Keyboard toolbar on your settings. The guide is here. Another alternative is to activate the mic in the space bar. The steps are here.
  • Clear the keyboard cache: Clearing the keyboard cache can help free up storage space and improve performance if your keyboard has been lagging or acting up. It removes temporary data stored by the app. Here’s how.

By addressing these common issues, you can maintain a smooth and effective voice-to-text experience on your Samsung Galaxy S24.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The voice-to-text feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 offers a convenient and efficient way to convert spoken words into text, enhancing communication and accessibility for users.

By following the simple setup process, customizing voice recognition settings, and implementing best practices, you can make the most of this valuable feature.

Additionally, being aware of common issues and troubleshooting steps can help ensure a seamless voice-to-text experience on your Samsung Galaxy S24.

Update: How to bring back missing mic voice input on the Samsung Keyboard

If you can’t find the voice input microphone on your keyboard, the steps below might help.

  1. Go to the Settings section and tap General Management.
  2. Select the Samsung keyboard settings.
  3. Toggle on the Keyboard toolbar.

missing microphone voice input

The above steps will bring up the settings that will appear above the keyboard when you use it to type. This will automatically bring up the microphone’s voice input on your keyboard.

How to clear the keyboard cache

Here are the steps to clear the keyboard cache on your Samsung Galaxy S24:

  • Go to the Settings section and tap General Management.
  • Select the Samsung keyboard settings.
  • Tap Reset to default settings.

clear cache keyboard

  • Tap on ‘Clear cache‘ to clear the app’s cache then tap Clear to confirm.
  • Restart your phone after clearing the cache.

Clearing the cache for the keyboard app will not delete any of your saved keyboard data, such as your custom words or autocorrect settings. However, it may help to improve the performance of the keyboard.

How to move microphone voice input

moving mic

If your microphone is located at the bottom left, you can move it by pressing and holding the mic logo, then drag it to the keyboard toolbar.

How to show icon on the space bar

You can enable the alternate by turning on the microphone in the space bar if you are having trouble seeing the microphone for voice input. The actions are as follows:

  • Click on Settings and choose General Management.
  • Tap the Samsung keyboard and select Swipe, touch, and Feedback.

swipe touch and feedback

  • Select Touch and hold space bar.
  • Select Voice input.

mic icon

When the feature is enabled, your space bar should display a tiny microphone icon. To use the voice input, simply press and hold the space bar.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  1. We have followed all the steps and the microphones does not appear. We have done it several times. We still don’t have a microphone

  2. My temporary solution is changing the settings under Skype, Touch and Feedback in the Keyboard settings to activate the microphone by pressing the space bar a few seconds

  3. the only mike that appears is to the right of the text being inputed–when i press it a yellow box appears and says – ‘hold to record’


  4. Hallo all,

    I get a keyboard icon on the bottom left. If I press it I get two options: google voice typing and samsung keyboard. In which Samsung Keyboard is selected. If I press voicetyping I get the regular mic option and I can use speech to text. I’m looping the get the mic symbol to show up somewhere.

  5. When using Voice to Text, It always capitalizes the first letter, even in the middle of a sentence. And when I speak punctuation, It types it out.


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